Ann Walker - Course Director


Ann retired from her post as Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition in 2008 after 35 years at the University of Reading. She became interested in the medicinal uses of herbs, when her husband, Alan, who had chronic fatigue syndrome, successfully responded to treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine. While holding down her post at Reading, Ann retrained as a herbal practitioner at the College of Phytotherapy.

She runs a Clinic from her home on two days a week where she treats patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions with a combination of nutrition and herbal medicine. At the University of Reading her clinical studies have investigated the effects of nutrients and plant extracts as single and complex interventions.

Her study groups have included those with PMS, adverse menopausal symptoms, type II diabetes and hypertension. She is the author of several books on human nutrition and many scientific papers. Ann is currently Director of Continuing Professional Development of the CPP and is Co-Director, with her husband, of “Discovering Herbal Medicine”.

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