Alan Lakin - Course Director


Alan holds degrees in Food Chemistry and Animal Nutrition. For many years, he was Senior Lecturer in Food Chemistry at the University of Reading, including three years as Head of Food Science; his research interests were centred on food proteins. He retired from university employment in 1997, but has continued with his professional interests.

Alan became interested in the scientific basis of natural therapies, particularly Herbal Medicine, because of their contribution to his recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome following a British Council assignment in Africa in 1985. He is married to Ann Walker, and since his retirement they have developed a consultancy, “New Vitality Consultants", which provides evidence-based support for the use of dietary supplements and herbal preparations for health maintenance and the treatment of minor ailments.

His principal responsibilities in New Vitality Tuition are associated with its management and with the production of teaching and promotional materials. In common with Ann, his recreational interests include walking, digital photography and gardening.
Alan Lakin
Alan Lakin
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