Pam Bull - Course Registrar

Having worked for 21 years for Barclays Bank, mainly in Central London as Local Director’s Secretary, Pam returned to East Sussex after 4 years in Cornwall. In 1993, she became Secretary to Hein Zeylstra, Principal and Founder of the College of Phytotherapy. She was also secretary to various key committees of the College, Registrar for the ‘Discovering Herbal Medicine Course’ and Secretary/Administrator of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP).

Following the demise of the College, Pam was delighted to continue as Course Registrar for the DHM Course, dealing with enrolment, administration of students’ coursework, organisation of Workshops, etc. She also continues as Secretary/Administrator for the CPP, and is Secretary to the Council and deals with matters such as Membership, Insurance, the organisation of its three annual CPD Seminars, and the administration of its journal, the British Journal of Phytotherapy.

Pam’s recreational interests include eating out, music, theatre, and walking with her Red & White Border Collie, Indie.
Pam Bull
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Pam Bull
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