Debs Cook - IT Media Consultant

Debs is the newest member of the team, and is responsible for the daily functioning of our website and the sites updates and maintenance. Debs is a former trustee of the Herb Society and is also their It Media Consultant.

When not playing with html code and working on websites, Debs works as a freelance writer specialising in herbal topics and is currently the expert herb columnist for Garden News magazine. She has written a Herb of the Month article for Grow Your Own magazine, and also written for the Guardian and is a keen amateur photographer of herbs and flowers.

She lives in Derby with her better half and two cats who demand constant supplies of catnip. She grows over 60 different herbs in her own small garden. Debs also writes a herbal blog full of recipes, tips, hsitorical herbal information and snippets of the daily life of a self confessed herbaholic.
Debs Cook
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Debs Cook