Sylvie Marusic - Course Registrar

Being the Registrar of the Discovering Herbal Medicine (DHM) Course keeps me in touch with the herbal world which I love. I have been interested in herbs for as long as I can remember: my Uncle in Croatia was a self-taught amateur herbalist, who used all the old herbal favourites: St John’s wort, Thyme, Lemon balm, Wormwood, Calendula etc. About 15 years ago I became ill with fatigue and Herbalist Ann Walker (Director of DHM Course) prescribed herbs to help me regain my strength.

When a part-time dispensing job came available in her Clinic in Reading, I jumped at the chance and worked with her for around seven years. Having moved in 2015 to the Forest of Dean with my partner, Jenny (and our four cats), I had to give up herbal dispensing, as we have no herbal clinics nearby. I now have a large half-acre garden, where I am developing a patch of medicinal plants. I have made oils, infusions and tincture from herbs as well as using external applications of them for burns and injuries. I love experimenting. The Forest of Dean is only 50 metres from our house, so we are surrounded by herbs. I look forward to helping others learn about herbal medicine through the Discovering Herbal Medicine Course.

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