Overview Of The Course

'Discovering Herbal Medicine' was originally written by two of the UK's leading herbalists, Hein Zeylstra and Simon Mills. It is not a 'coffee table' course, merely stating that this or that herb might be used to treat such and such a condition.

On the contrary, the course materials are very comprehensive and impart a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the use of some fifty medicinal plants.
In addition, the pathology and diagnosis of a wide range of common medical conditions are carefully described. Safety considerations are paramount throughout the Course. Conditions that cannot be treated by non-professionals are clearly identified, and the Materia Medica is confined to herbs with well-established safety credentials.

To support the Course, detailed consideration of selected aspects of Herbal Medicine is given in two annual workshops, one held in early summer and the other in the autumn. (The programme for the summer meeting always includes a herb walk.) These occasions provide an opportunity to meet the staff of New Vitality Tuition and for students to ask questions relating to their Studies.

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