Fees & Administration

The fee for the Course £410, which may be paid on registration, or as staged payments (£215 on registering plus ten monthly payments of £20, giving at total of £415 - there is a £5 administration charge when paying by instalments). Note that postage costs for return of marked work must be borne by students and that there is an additional charge for attending the seminars.

The course material is divided into a series of twelve interrelated Components, each dealing with a different body system, the illnesses that afflict it and the herbs used for their treatment. Progress through the Course is divided into four Stages, the next set of three Components being sent upon request to the Course Registrar, when the previous Stage is completed.

Having read the course work for a given Component, the student completes a Review consisting of questionnaires, multiple-choice questions, short essays, etc. This is then posted directly to the Course Tutor for marking and comment.

The Course can be started at any time and can be completed in one year. Even so, there is no need to hurry if personal circumstances intervene; registration can be continued for a second year without additional charge.

After the second year, studies may be further extended upon payment of an annual re-registration fee (currently £25) to cover administration costs.

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