On the Discovering Herbal Medicine course students have the opportunity to attend two workshops a year. These take place in the summer and autumn, details of latest and previous workshops and seminars can be found by clicking on the links provided.

Information is also provided on other herb events you may enjoy run by other organisations. Please note that New Vitality Tuition are not responsible for events run by other organisations.

The photo above shows Nutritionist and Herbal Practitioner, Ann Walker explaining some of the medicinal properties of the plants found during during a guided tour of her herb garden in Earley, Reading.

Ann says "We hold these workshops in different locations twice a year - each one has a different theme. The objective of the seminars is firstly to give students studying our Discovering Herbal Medicine course an opportunity to meet fellow students, and secondly to show how herbs, alongside nutrition and mainstream medicine, can be used to help regain and maintain health. While we indicate what people can do for themselves, we also emphasise those conditions which require professional guidance."

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