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Workshop: Health Self Care with Food and Herbs
This afternoon event will take place on 11th November 2017 between 2.30-5.30 pm, at the home of Alex Laird, MCPP, in Fulham, London with Herbalist Alex Laird, MCPP.

This workshop will highlight how to use foods and herbs that are fundamental to good health. A balanced diet, rich in phytonutrients, is the foundation for health, against which any form of medicine – be it orthodox/mainstream or herbal – works best. Learning how and when to eat is as fundamental to health as what to eat. If nutrients are in short supply, cells get stressed and their function suffers, leading to loss of well-being and disease in the long term.
In this Workshop Alex will look at the principles of using plants in medicine and their therapeutic qualities and actions. She will also concentrate on one key plant family and identify the medicinal aspects of the ingredients of an all-nourishing breakfast, as it is made up. Alex has already given this workshop to enthusiastic audiences in several parts of London and says “it went down very well”.

Self care is about body awareness, promoting health and tackling simple everyday conditions by ‘nipping them in the bud’.  While diagnosis of serious health conditions always requires professional opinion, many everyday ailments can be safely treated at home.  There is much you can do for yourself that’s easy, inexpensive and backed by research evidence.  Our bodies, like everything in nature, are constantly building up (anabolism) and breaking down (catabolism) cells to re-use them.   

Self care aims to support this cycle, restore normal healing functions and build up resilience.  The pain and misery of dis-ease is due partly to the body’s efforts at mobilising its resources to deal with the ‘crisis’.  The body is an amazing organism designed to thrive, and calling on 3.6 billion years of evolution!  We can work with this self-regulating organism with the right foods and healing plants for faster recovery.

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Fee: £35.00 – maximum 15 places.  To Register: Contact  Ms Pam Bull  Tel: 01323 484353   (Weekdays 10-1, 2-5).  Email:

Alex Laird BSc MCPP Alex has been practising as a medical herbalist since 2000 when she set up the first herbal clinic in a hospital dermatology department at Whipps Cross University Hospital. She also practises at The Haven, the breast cancer support centre in London. She is a visiting lecturer at universities and a Council member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP). After 12 years as a TV producer, she practised as an aromatherapist with clinics at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and at centres for those with HIV and drug problems.

She set up and runs Living Medicine (; its medical herbalists run courses and workshops to reskill people in how to use foods and herbs for everyday healthcare. Living Medicine also has a vision for Britain’s first world herbal medicine/food garden as a national centre linked to a web of community healing gardens throughout the UK.

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