Herbal Graphics

Chives: Source Microsoft Clipart Basil Lemon Balm Hops: Source Microsoft Clipart Echinacea: Source Microsoft Clipart

Free Herb Photos - Free Low-Res herb and flower images. Can be used freely but must link back to the site and credit given.

Pictures Of Herbs & Spices - Low-Res photos can be downloaded for free, credit must be given if the images are used.

Fresh Herbs Image Library - Free use of the images for non-commercial applications.

Alternative Nature Online Herbal - Herbal photo gallery, images need permission from the photographer. Hi-Res images are available to purchase.

CalPhotos: Plants - An extensive database listed by Common and Latin, thumbnail images can be used without permission. Larger images need permission from the photographer.

Floral Images Database - Images covered by a Creative Commons Licence which allows the download of images and the use of them unchanged in any way for personal private use - or for public display eg on a website but in the latter case you must provide a full acknowledgement and, on the web, a link back to Floralimages.

University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden - Photos of herbs listed by Botanical and Common names. Not copyright free.

Tropical Plant Database - A range of herbal photos arranged by Latin names. NOT copyright free, permission to use required.

Microsoft Herb Clipart - Copyright free herb photos and clipart graphics for non commercial use. The clipart herb images above are from this site.

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