Student Passes

The 'Certificate of Herbal Studies', endorsed by the British Herbal Medicine Association, was awarded to the following students in recognition of their successful completion of the Final Assessment of 'Discovering Herbal Medicine'.

2011: Elaine Cayless (pictured here with Ann Walker); Tracey Coulson ‘With Distinction’; Caroline Nunnerley ’With Distinction’; Audrey Pittendreigh; Kate White With Distinction 91.5%; Ginette Smith.

Bryony Gray; Sarah Martin; Stephanie Roden 'With Distinction 93%'; Abdulai Amankwah; Keleigh-Marie Snelgrove; Samantha Salter 'With Distinction 92.5%'.

2009: Catherine Cowling, 'With Distinction 90%'; Dr Julia Hopkins;'With Distinction 98.5%'; Martina Salagova;'With Distinction 98%'; Dafydd Monks; John Miller 'With Distinction 93%’; Margreet Kerkhof-Theune 'With Distinction 92%'; Zoi Maraki; Dawne Pryor; Eunice Asare-Okyere; Nicole Vosper 'With Distinction 93.5%'.

2008: Jan Blundell; Eliska Robson 'With Distinction'; Rachel O’Reilly 'With Distinction’; Claudine Martin 'With Distinction'; Gina Coatsworth 'With Distinction'; Katherine Simmons; Kate Rouse; Nick Bennett & Samuel Wan.

The Final Assessment for the Certificate of Herbal Studies is optional but those students who decide to do the Final Assessment, and who are successful, may elect to be awarded the Certificate at the British Herbal Medicine Association's Annual General Meeting in London in June.